What is Maskne and How to avoid it immediately?

1 min readJan 13, 2021


Maskne is the result of wearing face masks for a longer duration. Face masks cause skin irritation and breakouts, and the reasons can be the type of fabric and tightness. And if you wear a face mask while make up on, it can lead to sweat and further result in clogging dirt in the skin. Wearing masks may lead to abrasions on nose chin and cheeks and maybe behind the ears.

We need to keep some points in mind in order to prevent maskne:

· If you wear a cloth mask then wash it daily.

· If you opt for disposable mask than change it often.

· Go easy on skincare products and don’t overdo them- face wash, scrubs, toner and moisturizer.

· Use a mild cleanser to unclog the skin pores.

· Build a healthy skin barrier with the face mask.

· Keep a check on the water consumption as it should be around 3–4litres a day.

Follow a healthy diet.




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